Donald Trump after Mr Modi wished him a second term

The man in his black turban, a Shia sign of clerical pedigree, was berated publicly for falsely claiming to be the ayatollah’s man in Delhi.As Shakespeare was inclined to show, prophecies and pious hopes do go eerily wrong. And sure enough, an uncanny claimant of divine (or mortal) blessings replaced him.)If he survives yet with a desperate sleight of hand, Netanyahu would be too emaciated politically to worry his many adversaries. John Lennon made it sound only more agreeable by saying: "Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.Something worse is brewing for Mr Modi’s Kashmir policy.Most tellingly, perhaps, Vajpayee was foreign minister when the Shah of Iran, feeling abandoned by the US, found he had nowhere to go as he tried to quell a communist-led rebellion that was joined by Shia clerics. By courting Israel, he calculated, not without substance, Saudi Arabia would come as bonus. Should he fail, which is likelier, he would almost certainly be slapped with corruption charges leading to a possible jail term.

Add Bernie Sanders’ double digit numbers to her kitty and Warren could be all set to make a fight for it next year against Donald Trump.The flaw in the script was that underneath the chador, Iranian women wear jeans. There may be a larger spoke in the wheel for Mr Modi’s Kashmir policy. After the Delhi visit, there was not a single grudging foreign host wanting to welcome the Shah who died a lonely man in Egypt. So, as things stand, neither the Hindutva jamboree in Houston, nor his embracing of Trump, has won Mr Modi an endorsement for his subversion of democratic decency in Kashmir.Within a year of Khomeini’s rule, Vajpayee’s emissaries were standing with heads bowed in front of the new helmsman of Iran. There was a Shia cleric from Lucknow who Vajpayee began courting because he claimed to carry a letter of recommendation from Khomeini. As it happens, much of India’s economic and political calculations hinge on its post-Cold War compact with the Middle East.

In the UK, even scornful bankers are embracing Jeremy Corbyn as a saviour against the Conservative Party’s penchant for playing havoc with Brexit.By arrangement with Dawn.Imagine everyone’s calculations going awry — including Mr Modi’s gambit in Kashmir and Imran Khan’s decision to fly to the UN in a Saudi prince’s plane — if Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani succeeds in offering a new peace plan for the Middle East. It was Vajpayee’s national security adviser Brajesh Mishra who flipped the pro-Palestine policy, arguing that the future of India was aligned with the US and Israel. Iran’s scheme, which gives no role to the US, could be a bid for the diplomatic high ground when the US and Saudi Arabia blame it for the Sept 14 air strikes on Saudi oil fields. Pakistan tried to step in for Iran, but was assigned another self-harming task, like tinkering with Afghanistan in a replica of Victor Frankenstein’s experiment with hideous consequences. This inverse Midas touch is par for the course with BJP leaders, almost with supernatural precision. The backhanded compliment Mr Modi got at Houston should be additional proof if one were needed.Narendra Modi affectionately called him "my friend Bibi". The pattern of a proverbial kiss of death should, therefore, worry Donald Trump after Mr Modi wished him a second term. Before the revolution, Iran and Israel were regarded as the two wings of the American warplane in the Middle East. Now the loud, foaming-at-the-mouth Benjamin Netanyahu has been shown the door again, for a second time since the country voted in a hung parliament in April. The cleric accompanied the first Indian delegation to post-revolution Tehran. The maulana has been ruing the day he befriended Vajpayee."Just a day ahead of their Houston circus a surging Senator Elizabeth Warren was challenging Joe Biden’s dominance in the Democratic race, a veritable nightmare for Trump. An Indian who went to Tehran to teach English lost his job because his accent was too British. The widely disowned Shah was hosted and feted in New Delhi, possibly at Jimmy Carter’s prodding, his last outing as the ruling monarch anywhere. Years later, Mr Modi arrived at short notice ostensibly to bless a family wedding in Mr Sharif’s hometown. With that should go the Israeli leader’s boast of annexing another Arab territory. But, can Modi and Imran succeed, if Rouhani fails? The event in Houston appeared like a sideshow, a ruse to mask a truer reality Super ELF G2 lurking in the omens not easy to divine. (Not quite a morale booster for anyone seeking to annex territories.Atal Behari Vajpayee hugged Nawaz Sharif in Lahore, and within weeks, the latter was overthrown in a military coup

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"Rain" riding modes with ABS and ASC to better

It competes against the likes of the Ducati Multistrada 950 and Triumph Tiger 800.BMW F 850 GS Pro Rs 14, 40,000bm. It is faster and better handling on the street, while simultaneously improving its off-road pedigree. This is one the best motorcycle you can get in this class. It’s the only bike in its class to offer an electronically adjustable rear shock, and the available electronics package is second to none. The motorcycle feels well balanced, and part of that can be attributed to the relocated fuel tank that is now just a traditional 15 litres, which now creates a near-perfect front-to-rear weight distribution. Pro riding modes like "Dynamic", "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro" are available as extra options, along with dynamic traction control and ABS Pro modes. At the front, it has a 305 mm hydraulic twin disc brake, complimented by 265 mm hydraulic single disc rear brake that provides impeccable braking abilities..Design and featuresThe all-new BMW F 850 GS features a completely new design that looks more dynamic and beefy.PerformanceThe new BMW F 850 GS is easy to manhandle in the rough terrain, its wide and tall handlebars make it comfortable when you are standing while riding as well. It also comes equipped with a slipper clutch for smoother downshifts.

For instance, its TFT display does not come as standard, as the buyer has to shed about Rs 60,000 for it. Its 853cc liquid-cooled, 8-valve engine, which generates 90 hp at 8,000rpm can do about 190 km/h with ease and with 86 Nm of torque at 6,250 rpm, it is really quick.Price:The ex-showroom prices are as follows –BMW F 850 GS Standard Rs 12, 95,000.For those who want an optional rally paint scheme then you will have to pay another Rs 40,000.EngineMany might say that on paper the new F 850GS feels underpowered, but that is not the case at all. Since BMW comes to India as CBU (complete build unit), it is punished by our tax structure in some states, as you might end up paying Rs 3-4 lakh more than its competition.BMW F 850 GS Pro Low Suspension Rs 14, 20,000.

The 15-litre fuel tank has been placed in classic position between the seat bench and steering head for optimised balance between front and rear.5 inch full-colour TFT display gives you access to music, navigation, speedometer and numerous other features. It scores fairly high on fuel efficiency too, dishing out 23-24 km/l in the city and about 26 kmpl on the highwayVerdictThe F 850 GS is better in every way over its predecessor.The F 850 GS promises good highway ability along with BMW Motorrad’s expertise in making off-road oriented motorcycles. It also gets its famous GS "beak" (upper wheel cover) and a considerably slimmer rear, the multifunctional instrument cluster with a 6. Its quality and finishing is at a higher level and is more beautiful to look at, but all this comes at a price. The BMW F 850 GS also gets "Road" and "Rain" riding modes with ABS and ASC to better manage tough terrains.The increased level of refinement has made it more rubber seal strip Suppliers attractive to potential buyers who are looking for a premium, adventure-touring motorcycle.When BMW launched its F 800 GS, there were many motorcyclists that shied away from it, as it did not have the manners and sophistication of its legendary elder sibling, the R 1200 GS. So if you a road biased rider, who wants a premium experience and doesn’t mind paying for it. With the introduction of its new F 850 GS, the company has successfully filled the gap between the two models. The exhaust, however, can be improved by replacing the stock canister with a slip-on Akrapovic, which is strongly recommended.Compared to its predecessor, the new F 850 GS, is a complete ground-up redesign, with a large and new engine as well as updated ergonomics. The BMW F 850 GS has more advanced features than most of its competitors. At the front, it gets a LED headlight with DRLs that can be switched on and off automatically or manually.50 seconds

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For instance, the appointment of Gujarat leader

Mr Jain, on the other hand, has been given the unenviable task of reviving the state unit in Chhattisgarh, where the BJP was virtually decimated in the recent Assembly polls. Her standard response was that, for the present, she wanted to enjoy the new year holiday season with her family. The reason: Mr Modi had heard that Mr Dass had become controversial and that his name had cropped up in a financial controversy.. In the process, the BJP president ’s favourites Bhupendra Yadav and Anil Jain have been downgraded.Ironically, the Prime Minister had no qualms about being seen in the company of Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, whose name has figured in a financial scam. It transpires that China Rubber gasket Suppliers the present Samajwadi Party chief does not take any decision without consulting Ms Mayawati. She also intends to get on to the treadmill, having tucked into half-a-wheel of her favourite Brie cheese and a French-style baguette that morning. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Bogibeel bridge in Assam last week, the party’s state chief Ranjeet Dass was conspicuous by his absence at the various events organised during his visit. The induction of Union home minister Rajanth Singh’s loyalist Sudhanshu Trivedi (to look after Rajasthan along with Union minister Prakash Javadekar) led BJP insiders to believe that Shah is broad-basing the organisation ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Mr Yadav has been given charge of Bihar but he may find himself out on a limb as it is senior state leader Sushil Modi who calls the shots there. Despite persistent questioning, Ms Raje did not reveal if she would take on the job of leader of the Opposition or would prefer to head the BJP’s state unit. Having delivered on his promise,

Mr Sarma is now a virtual insider, who is given prompt audience by party president Amit Shah at short notice while the RSS is also said to have taken a shine to him. Ever since the two leaders decided to put aside their rivalry and have an alliance in the coming Lok Sabha polls, Yadav junior has made it amply clear that Ms Mayawati is the senior partner and that he was more than willing to defer to her wishes. Samajwadi Party leader Mulayum Singh Yadav was known to be a hard bargainer but his son, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Singh Yadav, has completely surrendered to Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati. Similarly, the decision to entrust the responsibility of Punjab and Chandigarh to captain Abhimanyu was also a surprise. Mr Yadav’s capitulation to the BSP chief has not gone down well with his own cadre, who believe he will end up undermining his own party in his eagerness to please Mayawati. But still, others maintain it is an attempt by party president Amit Shah to demonstrate his inclusive approach. According to the capital’s political grapevine, Modi’s office had conveyed to the organisers that it would be desirable if Mr Dass was kept away from the stage.There are conflicting views about the recent organisational reshuffle in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

For instance, the appointment of Gujarat leader Gordhan Zadaphia as in-charge of the party in the crucial state of Uttar Pradesh raised many eyebrows. Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vasundhara Raje may have lost power in the recent Rajasthan Assembly election but the defeat has not put her down in any way. It was only a few years earlier that Shah had overlooked Mr Abhimanyu’s claims to the chief minister’s post in Haryana and picked Manohar Lal Khattar instead. But, as it is well known, Mr Sarma has been a BJP favourite ever since he left the Congress and took a vow to see that his old party is wiped out in the Northeast. She looked cheerful and relaxed when she stopped by at Central Hall in the Parliament House last week. Some party insiders believe the changes have an imprint of the party’s ideological mentor, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Shah was not known to be fond of Zadaphia, a one-time critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had also left the party briefly

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Some amongst the most famous products related

Accessible Kinds of Top Colon Cleansers: In the event that individuals are new in the colon cleansing world, ready made cleanser may be the best colon cleansing products that could be easily used and purchased. In addition, when individuals feel the lack of energy and chronic constipation, an unhealthy colon is the culprit amongst the other reasons. These parameters help the individuals in making a selection about the best colon cleansing product for them. In addition, an individual can also have a check with the website of the manufacturer for information related to the possible side effects, product ingredients and allergy warnings which an individual needs to watch out for.

In order to search for a product, it is essential to look for that colon cleansing which have a fiber base and are devoid of any sort of negative side effects associated with them. In addition, it is also better to have a check on those colon cleansers that are easy to use, functions well and are affordable also. However, it is up to the individual to select the best colon cleansing product. This is mainly for the fact that an individual could be in a position air jet loom of tailoring the program in a close manner to the needs of the individual. It is essential to check out the reviews that are available for the items seen in the present market and make a correct choice for the betterment of the individual.One of the keys for a good health is selection of a best colon cleansing. This does not sum up for a hale and hearty organ. Unfortunately, most of us need to consider those colons that are filled with parasites and waste products. Individuals wonder the reason as to why they seem for the most part of their time to be in a brain fog and the reasons as to why the skin does not get cleared up. The first step in the road to wellness and enhanced health is finding the best colon cleansing product. In order to decide the perfect selection which would provide an individual with a best colon cleansing product, numerous reviews are available that would provide relevant information. The first step in bringing the body in an enhanced state of wellness and health is complete purification of the colon. For some, these are considered to be the best colon cleansing product. In addition, the result of an unhealthy colon is far reaching.

Some amongst the most famous products related to cleansing comprise of the OxyPowder, Colonix and Dual Action Cleanse. Only the choice needs to be made. This would be done with the creation of the healthier environment within the body organs. This happens in spite of the products used. It needs to be taken into consideration that the best colon cleansers would not help in providing a quick fix, but would rather help in offering an approach that is holistic in nature which would help in the improvement of the health for a long time period. Minutiae: In case people have already done colon cleansing previously, a search for recipes can be made with the help of their own colon cleanser

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As you can see, there are steps you can take

Ice or cold packs can also help to reduce the painful swelling. One way for more immediate relief is to take warm sitz baths several times a day which will help reduce swelling. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber will make you more regular and keep your stool soft. This article will discuss the natural, home remedy treatments available and examine how they stack up against other treatments. In order to treat hemorrhoids it is important that you understand what they are.Hemorrhoids are not at all rare and most people have a 50% chance of developing this condition sometime in there life. One of the biggest causes of straining during a bowel movement is a hard stool and to keep your stool soft, a change in diet can often help.

While there are products such as over the counter creams and suppositories to do this, you may rather try some home remedies instead. It is important to keep your hemorrhoids clean and dry but you may wish to avoid using soap as it may cause further irritation. Changing your lifestyle to get more exercise and spend less time sitting can definitely make a difference in reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. You may also wish to consider an over the counter stool softener medication. By making simple changes in both diet and lifestyle, you can make a big impact on the pressure applied to these veins.

As you can see, there are steps you can take from the comfort of you own home to reduce and perhaps remove the discomfort of hemorrhoids and certain lifestyle changes may eventually remove the condition all together. . If you find that this type of treatment doesnt work for you, there are other methods available such as over the counter creams, surgery, and some herbal remedies which I will discuss in some other articles. The bath can contain warm water or you can also add herbal ingredients for further effectiveness. If so then you may well be looking for a way to treat this painful and sometimes embarrassing condition and there are indeed many available treatments on the market. Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins in the anus and rectum so to treat them, it is a simple matter of finding a way to reduce the swelling caused by inflammation and eventually remove the source of the inflammation all together. While there are steps that one can take to minimize the chance of getting Iro weft accumulator hemorrhoids, you may already be a hemorrhoid sufferer. While diet and lifestyle changes can help, they will take some time and you may be looking for more immediate relief. You should also avoid dry toilet paper and use moist toweletes to avoid irritation. Increased pressure in the rectal veins can also be caused by excessive sitting, especially on the toilet, and by standing for too long. One of the easiest ways to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids is to understand that hemorrhoids happen because of increased pressure and straining in the rectal veins

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